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Live on our beautiful coast of Maine or one of our Islands, or are you considering purchasing waterfront property?  Marine construction should be an important piece of your shorefront maintenance or project plan.

Marine construction focuses on anything built along the shoreline. These structures help to prevent damage to the property located near the water.


Let us show you how we can ensure the comfort and safety of your property on our Maine Coast. 

Contact us today with your marine construction needs.  We will gladly discuss your concerns and tell you how we can help you.


  • Emergency Response

  • Marine Construction

  • Piers and Wharfs

  • Seawalls

  • Timber Pier Construction

  • Diving

  • Pile Driving

  • Timber Work

  • Shoring

  • Marine Salvage

  • Demolition

  • Marine Transport

  • Estimating for Budgets and Pre-construction Services

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